The Meadows at West Mountain Phases 1-3

Donnelly, ID. In 2004 Granite Excavation, Inc. landed the contract to begin Phase 1 of this project. Phase 1 included the installation of 5,394 feet of sanitary sewer, and 5,641 feet of municipal water.

This installation was very difficult due to a very high water table, which required several submersible pumps. Phase 1 also included construction of 6,277 feet of 24 foot wide paved roadway.

Granite Excavation, Inc. was also responsible for clearing and grubbing, stripping topsoil, wetland mitigation, pond construction, and foundation prep for 58 homes. Phases 2 and 3 began the following year and included the installation of 6,390ft of sanitary sewer and 6,360ft of municipal water.

Utility installation again proved to be difficult do to very high water table and pipe depths exceeding 25ft. These phases also included construction of 5,402ft of 24ft wide roadway. Granite Excavation, Inc. was also responsible for stripping topsoil, culvert installation, pond construction, and wetland mitigation.

A very rigorous schedule kept crews busy completing prep for 5 houses and 1 8-plex per week. The 8-plexes required over excavation and replacement of drain rock and suitable material for foundation base. Many of the houses required importing structural fill for a solid foundation base.

In all 69 houses and twelve 8-plexes were completed in these phases.