Granite Excavation, Inc is a fully equipped excavation contractor with expertise in water and sewer line installation, roadway construction, and trucking services.


Aggregate Products includes drain rock, pit-run, pee-gravel, chips, road-mix, sand, crushed asphalt, and large landscaping boulders. We also carry topsoil for your lawns and gardens. Granite Excavation, Inc. in addition carries the aggregate products that you demand at one of our three gravel pits located in Canyon County, Gem County, and Valley County. Locations of each of our gravel pits can be found below. Click on a Map Pin for the address. Contact us for more details.


Underground Utilities includes pipeline installation for water and sewage systems including all trenching, pipe procurement, installation and final surface reclamation. In addition Granite Excavation, Inc. also excavates joint trenches for telecommunications, and power lines.


Road Construction includes all phases of your roads from initial clearing and grubbing to final asphalt paving. Granite Excavation, Inc. is equipped with a large fleet of equipment, including but not limited to dozers, excavators, and scrapers that are capable of moving thousands of yards of earth per day. We are outfitted to construct various road types from driveways to highways.


Site Preparation includes construction engineering, excavation, leveling, installation of underground utilities, drainage systems, access roads and paving. Granite Excavation, Inc. also excavates building pads, digs concrete footings, and prepares ground for concrete slabs.


Asphalt Paving from driveways to highways, Granite Excavation, Inc. is equipped to put the final touch on your project. There is no paving job too big or too small. We also have a crushed asphalt product that can be used as a cheaper alternative to paving your driveways.


Miscellaneous concrete work from street repairs, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, entrances/approaches, slabs and storm sewers. Our concrete crew is able to work on all of our project needs with timely and successful results.


Trucking Services contains a fleet of 30 trucks. We offer water trucks, belly dumps, dump trucks, tub dumps, and heavy equipment hauling. A modern fleet of large capacity trucks allows us to get the maximum yardage of material to the job, while minimizing the amount of loads.