About Us

Granite Excavation Inc. is a locally owned and operated, large scale commercial, municipal, heavy, and residential excavating contractor.

At Granite we are equipped with various sizes of equipment to meet the demands of all earth moving jobs. Years of experience between both the owners and operators provide us the knowledge to complete all phases of your projects.

Creative, Innovative Solutions

In recent years we’ve invested heavily to equip our machinery with the latest in GPS and 3-D rendering technology. As a result, we are able to offer creative solutions to issues that may arise when developing projects such as drainage systems, parking lots, culverts, and other tasks that involve careful calculations of finished grade.

Consequently, expensive change orders caused by miscalculations or by miscommunication between engineers and architects are all but a thing of the past.

A Partnership That Works

Think of us as your contractor and project partner. Our philosophy is to not take every job that comes our way, but rather to seek out projects where our unique level of expertise and experience allow every project to come in on-time and on-budget.

Our capabilities are easily scaled for each project; we can be as big or as little as our clients need us to be.


Granite Excavation, Inc. prides itself in utilizing the latest in construction technology to estimate, value-engineer, track, and expedite projects through the implementation of our Topcon grade control systems.

The process typically begins when we take the AutoCAD files and build GPS models that configure with our TopCon Equipment Control Systems in the field. Field crews can use a “rover” GPS unit and personally stake everything they need to complete the project.

Although an initial survey is still required by the owner, this process minimizes the need for additional surveying. What’s more, it provides better control for the building contractor to establish bench marks and consistent control data which is stored in the GPS model.

The GPS data is even uploaded into the GPS box located on the grading equipment (motor grader, dozer) which allows the operator and the machinery to correctly, accurately, and automatically cut to sub-finish grade on the first pass. This equipment helps expedite the project and minimizes rework which results in cost overruns.

Being able to visualize grade, terrain and other construction issues (potential challenges) prior to actually breaking ground allows our team and our clients to grasp the scope of the project and to streamline the entire process.

We feel that these systems allow us to bring a unique skill set to the table when bidding on projects as either a general contractor or a subcontractor.