Langley Gulch

Idaho Power Water Plant Delivery System and Pump Station. Granite Excavation, Inc. installed over 9 Miles of 12″ C-900 and Ductile Iron Water Main Transmission Line that feeds and cools Idaho Powers Langley Gulch Power Plant.

Other work on this project consisted of (5) wells and a pump station with dual turbine pumps and a masonry pump station building. Granite’s Grade and Pave Crews built a 12′ wide access road and parking lot to the pump station building and paved over 3,000 feet of a 1/4 lane of roadway where pipe installation occurred.

Part of this project was constructed across BLM Lands that had to be regraded and hydro seeded once Water Main was installed. This project was built between the fall of 2010 to the summer of 2011. This $3.2 million dollar project came in below budget and on time.