Eagle Bar

Granite was subcontracted to complete the site excavation and utilities for Idaho Power’s new maintenance facility at Hells Canyon Dam. This project is very remote with no phone service so pre-planning was a must from all to ensure the project was a success and stayed on schedule. Granite completed the following for the project:
1. Clearing & Grubbing
2. Excavation
3. New Gravel Parking Lot Section
4. Building Footings and Slab Prep
5. Sewer Service
6. Septic Vault
7. Water Service
This project was located next to Hells Canyon Reservoir and required crews to continually maintain BMP’s to ensure no pollution or turbidity made it in the waterway. All materials had to be trucked in from Cambridge ID which was a 4.5 hour round trip. Crews maintained contact at night with the gravel pit and drivers to ensure productions could be met onsite.